Sharifah Bahiyah Jamalullail

I am a visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Capturing the beauty and timelessness of nature and the human form, expressing myself through my paintings is essential to my being, working in layers of paint that are formed from an accumulation of ideas, thoughts and emotions collected over time.

Through colour, line, shape and form, I approach the canvas spontaneously using instinct and emotion allowing the painting to unfold on its own. There is a process but never a plan in my paintings as I let my paintbrush take over to dictate what comes next.

Large, immediate brush strokes that are bold, bright and full of unexpected use of colour capture energy, mood and movement as I aim to activate sensations, intimate feelings and thoughts within the viewer.

I hope that viewers will discover their own special meaning, be energised, are triggered with happiness and are inspired with feelings of positivity from my paintings.