Sharifah Bahiyah Jamalullail

One of the questions that artists are most often asked is, what inspires them.

As a self-taught artist, my simple and yet complex answer is that it is my surroundings.

The city has always been a source of creativity or stimulant with its hustle and bustle, traffic jams and street scenes that offer an infinity of colours and patterns.

On the downside, this fast-paced life can also take its toll, so I find it imperative to retreat to Mother Nature to help recharge and offer sanctuary for the body and mind.

Connecting to the natural world, I use paint to evoke sensations to express feelings that cannot be put into words working in layers of paint that are formed from an accumulation of ideas, thoughts and emotions collected over time.

Centered around my travels, imagination and childhood memories, my abstract landscape and seascape paintings reignite positive emotions that remind me of treasured stories and the best parts of my life that I will always cherish.

My intention when putting brush to canvas is to strike the right balance between construction, colour, intuition and freedom with each layer building on the next, allowing the painting to unfold on its own and leave a remnant of its story just beneath the surface. There is a process but never a plan in my paintings as I let my paintbrush take over to dictate what comes next.

This results in multi-coloured, expressive and gestural landscape and seascape paintings inviting viewers to create their own feelings, memories and narrative, reminding them to relive memories that they’re especially fond of.