KL At A Standstill


Celebrating the vitality of modern urban life, Sharifah Bahiyah pays homage to Kuala Lumpur, the tropical South East Asian metropolitan city that she loves and grew up in. Her paintings represent the hustle and bustle and cosmopolitan lifestyle in vivid colour and with dynamic energy.

She loves paintings that appear chaotic and disorderly – paintings that feel a little raw or manic. Using her senses and emotions to express herself intuitively, she captures the city’s pulse and power that is ever changing with a balance struck between beauty and chaos.

The roar of rush hour traffic, the sound of torrential rain hitting the window panes, the contrast of lush greenery against skyscrapers and not to mention the richness in its cultural diversity are a few of the dynamic range of complex sensations of Kuala Lumpur.


Artwork is padded and secured in custom packaging. Ships ready to hang on your wall with painted sides and wired backing. No framing necessary.

** Worldwide shipping available!

Format Stretched Canvas

Medium Oil Painting

Orientation Portrait

Size 36 x 48 x 2 in
    • - 50 USD$
    • - 10 USD$

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